The E1 is a brand-new portable ultrasound machine. The E1 is a new hand carried BW ultrasound machine from Sonoscape, replacing but also greatly improving upon the popular A5 and A6 range. It is equipped with an array of complete functions which enhance its competitiveness among entry level ultrasound models. It not only provides satisfying image quality but also brings the user a sublime workflow experience.
E1 is the first member of the E-series family. As a newly released hand carried B/W ultrasound model, it is equipped with complete functions for a confident and efficient diagnoses which makes it the best B&W model on the market.

The E1 model is leading the market for B/W portable ultrasound scanners with its elegant design and complete functions allowing for a confident diagnosis. This is a efficient machine for new and experienced scanners with its advanced imaging technologies such as the fully digital broad band width beam former, wide band dynamic range, and multi-beam parallel processing. Although it is targeting a B/W market, it supports PW Doppler, Auto IMT, Spatial Compounding, Auto Image Optimization, Stand-by Mode, Enhanced Needle Visualization, Panoramic imaging with 2 standard probe ports and 15.6″ LED monitor.

The E1 Portable is packed with professional veterinary software and measurement packages catering to a wide variety of animals ranging from small house pets to large livestock. You can accomplish all of you B/W ultrasound needs with its high contrast image quality and efficient workflow improves the examination experience. 

  • Vascular
  • Thyroid
  • Abdomen
  • Cardiac
  • OB/GYN
  • Urology
  • Musco-skeletal
  • Small Organs
  • Pediatrics
  • Cephalic
  • Fetal
  • Trans-rectal
  • Trans-vaginal

Efficient Diagnosis
• μ-Scan, Speckle Reduction & Edge Enhancement • Spatial Compound Imaging • PIH – Pulse Inversion Harmonic • Wide Scan – Enlarge Image Area • PW Doppler • Chroma – Highlight Image Details • B Steer for Linear Probe

Ergonomics Designs
• 2 Transducer Ports • Light Weight and Compact • 15.6 inch Anti-flickering HD LED Screen • Tilting Monitor Angle Adjustment • Backlit Keyboard and Intelligent Panel • Long-lasting Battery for 90mins

Ease of Use
• Quick Boot Up • Auto Brightness Adjustment • Auto Image Optimized • Auto IMT • Auto Trace

Equipped Accessories:
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Available
  • 500GB Hard Disk
  • Height Adjustable Trolley
  • Durable, Carry-on Site Suitcase

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