The E8C-RS model is a micro convex endocavity ultrasound probe. The footprint of this endocavity probe is small. This micro convex endocavity probe functions as an endorectal and endovaginal transducer. It can help you while performing the internal examination of the patient which other transducers can not do. This probe aids in different internal clinical examinations as the design of this probe can easily fit into body orifices. It can be of great help to urologists, gynecologists, and obstetrics as it can help them diagnose or examine the uterus, urinary tract, and rectal tract problems.
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The E8C-RS Ultrasound Probe/Transducer is provided as a part of the ergonomic mobile digital ultrasound imaging system. Medical ultrasound images are created by computer and digital memory from the transmission and reception of mechanical high-frequency waves generated through a probe/transducer. The ultrasound waves spread through the body, producing an echo where density changes occur. The echoes return to the transducer where they are converted back into electrical signals, thus effecting the quality of images formed. The E8C-RS probe is a wide-band micro convex array probe/transducer. The assembly consists of a probe, housing assembly, head shell assembly, tape, primer, shields, cables and labels. The probe is used for abdominal, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric and urological applications. The entire kit is packed in a self-sealing, full faraday cage and shield isolation packaging box. It is an accurate solid-state device, providing multiple image formats. It is used for transvaginal applications. It confines to the functional, environmental, safety and reliability, serviceability and certification requirements.

The GE E8C-RS probe is a convex transducer that is compatible with many GE ultrasound systems, including Logiq Book XP, Logiq E, Logiq I, Vivid E, Vivid I, Voluson I, Vivid S5, and Vivid S6. Among the application possibilities with the E8C-RS probe are both urology and OB/GYN.

Probe Specificities: 
  • Curved Array
  • Micro convex
  • Endocavitary Array
  • 4-11 MHz. Frequency Range
Imaging Capabilities:  
  • Endocavitary
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Urology
Compatible Ultrasound Systems: 
  • GE Logiqbook XP
  • GE Logiq e
  • GE Voluson e
  • GE Voluson i

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