Digital technology can be simple and reliable. The CS 8000C unit’s streamlined user interface and computer-controlled system are designed for usability, while face-to-face positioning ensures easy patient One-shot cephalometric imaging As pioneers in the field of one-shot cephalometric technology, we have achieved a high-level of performance with the CS 8000C system. Capturing images in just over a second with a single shot, our Scanning systems: Acquisition time takes from 8 to 14 seconds, requiring patients to remain stationary during the exposure placement. Meanwhile, the system’s cutting-edge technology quickly generates consistently clear images— safely and easily. It’s an affordable way to take advantage of all the benefits of digital imaging.
Carestream 8000C Digital Panoramic X-Ray, quickly capture crystal-clear cephalometric and panoramic images. Thanks to our innovative “one-shot” technology, you can now generate images in just over a second—reducing the risk of blurred images and improving your patients’ comfort.

With the CS 8000C digital panoramic and cephalometric system, oral healthcare professionals can generate high-quality diagnostic images with each and every use. Relied on by approximately 15,000 practices worldwide, this unit is remarkably easy-to-operate, reliable and what’s more affordable. Ideal for routine panoramic and cephalometric needs, the CS 8000C system features Carestream Dental’s trademark one-shot cephalometric imaging and our convenient face-to-face design.

"One Shot" Cephalometry
The 8000C System is the first digital cephalometry system in the world to expose all standard cephalometric images in a single shot. Until now, digital systems had to scan a patient's head for up to 8 to 18 seconds. But Kodak's innovative one shot technology captures the image in just over a second, drastically reducing the risk of blurred images and significantly improving your patient's comfort.

Easier by Design
With the 8000C System, you perform all of the image programming on your computer, using a clear, user-friendly interface. A series of easy-to-follow steps makes it fast and simple to set all your patient and image parameters, leaving you more time to spend with your patients.

Complete Digital Imaging Solution
With a full range of panoramic and cephalometric imaging capabilities, the 8000C System gives orthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and dentists a completely integrated, digital solution for greater ease of use and practice efficiency. In addition to a wide variety of cephalometric options, you can capture TMJ, panoramic, segmented panoramic, and maxillary sinus radiographs.

  • Kodak 8000C Unit (w/ Ceph Arm)
  • Acquisition PC
  • Imaging Software
  • Professionally Crated & Shipped to your commercial address

The 8000C System features:
  • One-shot cephalometry for instant image capture
  • Comfortable, user-friendly patient positioning
  • Dual sensor system
  • World-class service & Support

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