CUTERA excel V is the latest generation laser technology for vascular and pigmentation treatments. Excel V delivers the power, precision, and performance to safety and effectively treat patients from challenging vascular and pigmentary conditions to today’s most common skin concerns. Featuring two clinically proven advanced wavelengths 532nm/1064nm and smart sapphire cooling system- eliminating unnecessary collateral tissue damage and downtime, while making treatment more comfortable.
Lasers work by treating the skin with a particular wavelength of light. Wavelengths are chosen depending on the absorption of the laser beam by particular biological tissue. Specific wavelengths are better than others as they are taken up by the   specific chromophores that the treatment is focused on, for example vascular lesions absorb 1064 nm wavelength safely and melanin in pigmentation absorbs 532 nm.

The Cutera Excel V is one of the most advanced laser system that addresses both vascular and pigmentation skin concerns. This laser incorporates two wavelengths ie. 532nm and 1064nm and is effective for all skin types (even darker skin types). This treatment is perfect for you if you frequently find yourself hiding behind concealer and want to improve your skin tone or you simply want to look fresher with more radiance or glow to your skin!

Cutera excel V treats more than twenty unique aesthetic and dermatologic skin concerns. The most typical skin issues this procedure treats are rosacea, red veins, acne, acne marks, leg veins, cherry angiomas, port wine stains, pigmentation, melasma and uneven skin tone. Results of this therapy have been demonstrated in a number of clinical studies. The laser has two modes: Coolview which can be aggressive, targeted and Laser Genesis which can be gentle with no downtime and treat all skin types (even darker skin types)!

Is Cutera excel V safe?
The Excel V is incredibly safe and has FDA approval. Dermatologists acknowledge it as a market leader in the management of various skin concerns. This laser has the 532nm and 1064nm wavelength and it uses the Lithium Triborate crystal which makes it effective, powerful and reliable at treating both vascular and pigmentation concerns of the skin.

2016 Cutera Excel V with 532nm & 1064 nm Q-Switched for Skin Conditions, Vein & Pigment Removal; Excellent Cosmetic and Operating Condition; Low Usage (this system does not track pulses); Reason for Selling: Downsizing; Includes: (2) Handpieces, Key, Footswitch.

Product Specifications:
  • Wavelength: 532 nm, 1064 nm
  • Max Energy: 1.8 – 300 J/cm2
  • Pulse Width: 1.5 – 60 ms
  • Repetion Rate: 0 – 10 Hz
  • Spot Size: 2 – 12 mm
  • Cooling: Sapphire Tip
  • Aiming Beam: 650 nm
  • Dimensions: 16″W x 35″H x 24″D
  • Weight: 185 Lbs
  • Electrical: 110 – 120 VAC, 20A

The award winning excel V is the only tunable laser system on the market that combines two ultra-precise, best-in-class laser wavelengths (532/1064 nm) in one device. Delivering precision treatment parameters with unmatched versatility, excel V has the flexibility to treat any case, from superficial and deep vascular conditions to benign pigmented lesions.
  • Performance & Efficacy
  • High-performance dual wavelength (532/1064)
  • Proprietary long-pulsed Nd:YAG technology
  • 532 nm clinically proven to be absorbed 5X greater by oxyhemoglobin than 595 nm
  • Real-time auto-calibration system
  • 30 second warm-up time
  • One session for a majority of treatments
  • Versatility & Convenience
  • 10 treatment options
  • Largest variety of spot sizes (2-12 mm)
  • Wide range of preset treatment settings
  • Customizable treatment setting mode for personal preferences
  • Comfort & Safety
  • Premium sapphire contact coolingbefore, during and after each pulse
  • Adjustable temperature setting (5-20° C)
  • NO or little patient downtime
  • Indicated for all skin types

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